Tech, media + society specialist: smashing silos and surfacing purpose

As a speaker + event host:
Lizzie is represented by Northbank Talent Management.


Lizzie’s work primarily centres on the impact tech, creative industries, and media have on society, with a specific focus on the under 24’s. As an adviser on strategy and engagement, she works with organisations to better, and more effectively, onboard young people, as well as consulting companies on how to best prepare for a blended generational workforce, with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z all occupying the workplace.

With a background in journalism (Visit USA Travel Writer of the Year 2005), she has a strong foundation in communications, including being a speechwriter for central government at the Department of Health and editor of Pride London magazine.

A two-time TEDx speaker, Lizzie often give talks on gender equality, engaging young people, the power of curiosity, and Artificial Intelligence bias. See more talk topics here.

She also works closely with the charity Young Enterprise and is the host of their Tenner Challenge Awards Ceremony (2018 & 2019).

Her platforms:

ThinkNation: Lizzie is founder and Director of ThinkNation where they humanise the impact of technology on young people and society through film, events and workshops in UK and beyond. 

Studio BE: She is a partner in media production company Studio BE with youth specialist, Brandon Relph. They focus on producing wide market formats and content for the valuable 34 and under category. Their ethos is ‘Doing Production Differently’ and they empower young and rising talent, alongside industry veterans. Get in touch to learn more.

The Z-X Spectrum: The popular podcast ‘The Z-X Spectrum’ (that Lizzie co-host’s with Brandon), is now produced by Studio BE, which centres around the intergenerational view in technology, media and the digital space. They also take The Z-X Spectrum to conferences, for example, at the hugely prestigious media industry event, the Children’s Media Conference. So if you want to benefit from having The Z-X Spectrum on your conference lineup, get in touch.

Lizzie creates a culture of imaginative possibility. She has demonstrated an energy, dynamism and ambition that has influenced our organisation and many others in our region to become much more forward-thinking and innovative.”
— Liz Moran: Director of Arts and Culture, University of Kent

Advisory positions

Member of Industrial
Advisory Panel:
School of Computing, University of Kent

Member of Gulbenkian
Advisory Panel:
The Gulbenkian Arts Centre

Katerva Expert Panelist -
Gender Equality:
An international policy expert for sustainable innovations from around the world

"A Hacker's Story" explores how an informal or "casual" group of mainly young people - who has a vision but no contract - assemble and act on it to hack global organisations. What triggers them to carry out a hack or share confidential intel?

ThinkNation partnered with Project Twist-It to produce a documentary short where young people discussed what poverty means to them, surface ideas on how to change the stigma of poverty and to host real-world events.

On May 15 2017, Journalist and filmmaker, Billie JD Porter and ThinkNation held an urgent summit called Use Your Voice, addressing the state of political engagement with young people across the UK. Here’s what happened.