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As a speaker + event host:
I am represented by Northbank Talent Management.

Film producer.

Founder + Director of ThinkNation

“I explore
how we can think, act +
work differently around tech.
With meaning. With impact.”


I am an event host, curator,
and co-host of
The Z-X Spectrum podcast.

A two-time TEDx speaker, I often give
talks on gender equality, the power of curiosity,
and Artificial Intelligence bias.

I am founder and director of ThinkNation,
bringing young people, thought leaders
and artists together to tackle
big societal problems.

With a background in journalism (Visit USA Travel Writer of the Year 2005) speechwriting
for central government, comms and publishing,
I am also founder of consultancy
Surfacing Purpose, helping organisations
think and act differently to smash silos
and generate new ideas and solutions.

Who I’ve worked, and work, with:
BRM Institute
Columbia University (NYC)
Columbia Global Centers
Drupal Association
Good Tech Conference
IT Strategy & Digital Forum International
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Medway Council
National Cyber Crime Unit
National Theatre Scotland
Pure 360
Tech(K)now Day
The Institute of Engineering
and Technology
University of Kent
Use Your Voice
Young Enterprise

Lizzie creates a culture of imaginative possibility. She has demonstrated an energy, dynamism and ambition that has influenced our organisation and many others in our region to become much more forward-thinking and innovative.”
— Liz Moran: Director of Arts and Culture, University of Kent

Advisory positions

Member of Industrial
Advisory Panel:
School of Computing, University of Kent

Member of Gulbenkian
Advisory Panel:
The Gulbenkian Arts Centre

Katerva Expert Panelist -
Gender Equality:
An international policy expert for sustainable innovations from around the world

Events, productions +

On May 15 2017, Journalist and filmmaker, Billie JD Porter and ThinkNation held an urgent summit called Use Your Voice, addressing the state of political engagement with young people across the UK. Here’s what happened.

In July 2017, ART31 organised an event called UPrising. The day brought young people and artists together to discuss what needs to change for young people in the arts, with a focus on education, employment and mental health. I designed, managed and delivered the Art31 ‘manifesto’ element of the event.

Sample vlogs


ThinkNation is an innovative youth-focused organisation. We empower young people to explore the impact of technology on their lives through workshops, short films and events. From the pragmatic to the philosophical, our approach and methods inspire and educate young people to ask and tackle BIG questions about how tech impacts our everyday life.

ThinkNation held a special event proudly part of Brighton Digital Festival and supported by Our Future City. On Saturday October 13th, 27 young people (aged 14-24) from Brighton and Hove, plus eight young people from Sweden joined mentors from the tech, creative and business industries.

Documentaries I've
+ produced:


ThinkNation partnered with Project Twist-It to produce a documentary short where young people discussed what poverty means to them, surface ideas on how to change the stigma of poverty and to host real-world events.

"A Hacker's Story" explores how an informal or "casual" group of mainly young people - who has a vision but no contract - assemble and act on it to hack global organisations. What triggers them to carry out a hack or share confidential intel?

As part of ThinkNation event, Jake Davis, former Anonymous and LulzSec hacker, shared his hacker journey while exploring just what makes hackers tick...

Spoken word poet, Dean Atta, was commissioned to create a poem inspired by the question, "Is screen time helping or hindering us to live in the moment?" Here is the stunning result entitled "Adele, Trigger Warnings and a McDonalds Cup".

Inspired by Accenture's BIG International Women's Day question "How far can you go?" this ThinkNation event gave young women from across the UK the opportunity to share their tech stories - both positive and challenging.